Ninja Rewards - PayPal, BTC, Giftcards

Oh hey. Nice to meet you!

We're Ninja, an Ivex creation, that aims to help you earn money online in your spare time. Forget: 'I can't afford this' and say hello to 'Let me just get the money for it on Ninja'. 

We're constantly innovating to find new ways for you to make money online. From watching videos, to sharing tweets, downloading apps to clicking on a button there are endless ways to earn Ninja Points. You can then use Ninja Points to convert to PayPal, cryptocurrency, gift cards or even money making ebooks. 

Meet The Team

Steven - Founder | Head of Marketing

I'm an 18 year old university student who has vast amounts of experience in affiliate marketing, social media and earning money online. I created Ninja because I think being able to help other people make money, help them support their goals whilst supporting your own is a wonderful thing. Projects like Ninja aim to help more people find positive uses for the internet to better their lives. 

Noah - Founder | Head of Development